Watching Movies (Kev Bars Remix)

from by Kev Bars

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Instrumental by Sap & Larry Fisherman

Original song (Watching Movies) by Mac Miller


Shorty all on the Johnson - ain't even fuck with that powder
Barely I even touch her face and she leak New England clam chowder
Disappearing from crowds cuz I been smokin shit that's dumb loud
To deal will all the shit I'm not proud of
Now I be writin shit that astound em

Flounders never floating I found em
They salmon swimmin upstream
So fix appearance, grin and bare it
don't hibernate on my dreams BITCH

It's the kinda bait you couldn't dream switching
Never fallin still he's trippin
All these bitches got me rippin the seams
Of what I done seen flippin

Through channels with girls wearin nothin but flannels
Wanted a sample my dick she can't handle she say
Still her vagenius will grapple with boy from the apple she gave me the tackle; eastbay
Is where she got the spikes to handle how I stroke
I hadda line back her, that's how long I poke

And these ain't some misogynistic lyrics, that's not how I joke
Just sayin way that she attack to
sack leavin my poor thighs broke

Still high as fuck but we layin here
Don't understand but we made it clear,
I'm quite the catch, but you hype to act like
You far as fuck in my same career

I'm touching all of these bases here
But you runnin home, never at the plate
It's fucked I'm mixin the batter up
Make a masterpiece, but YOU grab the cake?

And eat it too...nigga...

All that swag appeal, I ain't half as fake
This ill appeal (iller pill) I'm encapsulatin
Will bash you lames in, go fuck yourself without masturbation and
pass the patrons
No spirit, lyrics, imagination
In shit you spit, you ain't that
But you manage lookin like more than average
When nobody seein the standard raisin

And all the cash that you hand for placements
that factor in to those tracks you makin
That pass as "blazin", but underwhelm
While my shit be out in another realm

If I wish, you would (“wood"), Nightmare on Elm
Give K the Ruger let's make the film
I blaze the Buddha, and take the helm
Abandon ship, escape or delve

Into the depths, where dude been kept
Ain't gonna quit cuz I'm too legit
Why they call the hammer, this tool he grip (x2)


from Couldn't Quite Make It EP Volume 1​.​5: Rough Cuts, released September 12, 2014
Kev Bars - lyrics & performance
Sap & Larry Fisherman - instrumental production
JBeats of JGI Studios - mixing




Kev Bars Brooklyn, New York

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